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Welcome! Black Mountain Visuals was founded by Cameron Gallagher in 2011. At the time it was more of a small side-passion, creating fun video content just for friends and family. Over several years to follow, it would grow to become a full service video production company, serving everything from large corporations to small “mom and pop” shops with creating visually engaging content, to help boost their business. Nothing is more important to us than to create visuals campaigns, wether it be Commercials, Internal Corporate Videos, Branded Content for Social Media, and more, that help build your business, create a presence, and educate both your company and consumers.

Not sure if you need video services? One of the hardest things to understand, is WHAT are Visuals Services and WHY do I need them? These are two great questions that most businesses have! Let’s break it down.

What are Visual Services?

So what are “Visuals Services”? Well, to be completely honest, it’s a fancy word for Video Production. The reason we use the term “Visual” is because sometimes it’s not always “VIDEO” In some cases, we are manufacturing the visuals from scratch, such as motion graphics (see Listerine Video Below)

We offer a large selection of services, mainly breaking down into a few categories. Commercial, Corporate, Branded, & Music Videos.

Now Music Videos is the most obvious. Any genre, we work with you, the artist, to create a full story for your music video. This includes everything from making storyboards if needed, to securing interesting locations to make your video reflect the tone and mood of the song. (See Music Video Below)

The next is Commercial. This is generally the style of video you see on TV and Social Media, thats 30-60 seconds. This traditional style of marketing generally is showing off a product or service! This could be a beautiful sports car ZOOMING down a mountain, a CRISPY COLD beer being poured in slow motion into a tall glass, or maybe a HIP dance, showing off a pair of new athletic pants. Now, these are the more traditional types, but this can also be true for services.

Maybe your business installs HVAC Heating & Cooling systems. Your commercial may be people talking about what a difference it makes & showing your employees in action. Whatever YOUR business needs, we can do it! (See our Mock Starbucks Commercial Below)

The next is Corporate. This is a very traditional style of video, typically used for internal or Business-to-Business use. Maybe you're a large corporation, and need several training videos on how to work with customers, or properly maintain equipment. These are great, formal videos for using within your business.

Last, we have Branded. This is usually the most confusing to people, but is a very interesting form of Visual Media. Branded is just as it sounds, working to further your brand! Let’s say you sell Coffee. A Commercial may be beautiful footage of Coffee Beans & Pouring. Something to put on TV & Social Media. Your Branded content may be a series of 2-3 minute mini-documentaries talking about how YOUR Coffee helps other business owners in the morning do their jobs! Branded type of Visual Content, is generally some way of indirectly or informally advertising. It is GREAT for Social Media, where informal style marketing flourishes. (See our FFA Donation Video Below)

Now let’s get onto the WHY?

Why use Visual Services?

Video or “Visual” Marketing is one of the best ways to have customers & clients REALLY understand your product or service! Check out some of the amazing info on Video marketing!



When we came across this presentation, we were blown away by the stats! It just helps prove the importance of our message!

I hope this was helpful! But be sure to visit our Contact Page and reach out. Let us know what you need, and we can help build the perfect Visual Campaign for you!

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