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Behind the Scenes: Campagna Restaurant and Why Have a Commercial Made?

Hows it going everyone! I am trying to get some back-work done on some BTS on shoots I have done recently! Above is the video I made for Campagna Restaurant for their website. I wanted to share this and talk about the cool opportunity to shoot food, and some of what it took to get these shots!


When Campagna reached out to me about doing a video, I was extremely excited, because I am a huge lover of food (It's almost an unhealthy relationship) and not just eating it, but being able to challenge myself by shooting different foods and how they are made! Food is a tough thing to shoot, and master shooting, but it's even harder on time constraints and a budget!

One of the biggest challenges is making sure to create a video/commercial that fits a client (or you if you are looking to hire myself) In this case, Campagna is an amazing Italian restaurant that not only offers an amazing selection, bar and Private rooms, but also an amazing homemade menu, that is 100% to go! So my job is to make sure that I capture the spirit of Campagna's "old school" Italian vibe, but to also appeal to the fast-paced life of working people, who want Italian to go, or to bring home!

This entire video was shot in one afternoon, with only a crew of myself, and a Production Assistant. The entire video was shot on the Black Magic URSA Mini mainly in 24fps and some 120fps shots! Special thanks to Sleepy Owl Films, a rental and production company, for the Equipment Rental.

URSA kit from Sleep Owl Films

URSA kit from Sleep Owl Films

One of the coolest things, in my opinion, is to capture the little things of food we normally don't see! The fire from the stove...the sauce slowly pouring on top of a dish....and the fast paced kitchen staff who are so talented and can make this all so beautifully.

Shooting 120fps was awesome to capture their homemade noodles being pressed through the machine. 

We used one smaller LED panel to light most of the video, although all of the kitchen was just with the available light. Thankfully the Fluorescent tubes were much higher quality than most, and allowed me to grab some good shots without having to do a ton of post color correction. 

Office BTS Shot

Office BTS Shot

Original Nook BTS

Original Nook BTS

The Cutaway shots of the actress (My Wife) were actually shot in our house using my Pocket Camera and a cheap Neewer Slider I got off of amazon! These were very simple and worked great for the other videos in the "series" Watch those Videos Below. We ended up using the shots of her in my Office instead of the breakfast nook, but basically the exact same shots!


The URSA, as always, is a dream to use! In being so high quality (4k, RAW or ProRes 4:4:4:4, etc.) yet at such an affordable rental cost compared to RED and Arri cameras, it made for the quality I needed, with fitting in the client's budget! Also, we shot with Rokinon Cinema primes! Great lenses for the price of purchase or rental...although I will say they do have some strange chromatic problems in the highlights. They seem to get a yellow or purple "hue" to them, but nothing that is very noticeable!

One of the hardest things was to pick out the Music to fit this video. I wanted it to originally be upbeat and fast paced, but after talking with the client, we figured out their target market wanted to see more of a "gentle" and "relaxing" Italian style cuisine and mood! Thankfully (who is not a sponsor or anything) had a huge selection and actually found the music FOR me, which was great! It also really helps keep the Client's cost way down, not having to license music for Hundreds or even Thousands!

For anyone who is looking to have a video like this done you might have a few questions...

Why spend the money to make a Commercial/Video?

While this is a legitimate question, it's answer is very simple! These videos are something that work WONDERS for Facebook, Instagram, and Social Media Marketing as a whole. Especially when using the business features of your Facebook page, videos like these can help bring in Hundreds or Thousands of dollars for even just one event! 

Of course more "long-term" style video campaigns are great for bringing in consistent business.

If you'd like to know more about why to make these types of videos, feel free to comment below or to visit the Contact Page and let me know what your thinking!

I can't wait to show you guys more BTS and other content soon!

Thanks again for reading!