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The Perfect Filmmaking Lights?

I've recently been searching the internet in order to replace my 300-Watt Tungsten Lights. Although they look great and are powerful, they get INCREDIBLY HOT, the bulbs are annoying to have to have to transport, and the specific model I have, are just can based, with no ability to attach anything to the light (Soft box, Barn Doors, Grids) Not that I couldn't mount them, but it just isn't very easy!

I generally find myself doing Corporate Video work, Music Video, as well as my own Narrative Work, so need something versatile, but also quality!

So in searching I have come across a few lights that have caught my eye! One of the biggest finds I've come across is the Quasar Science lights. Now these are lights I'd get these no matter what light I get, BUT am looking for a Hard Light Solution!

So here is what I have come up with!

Aputure 120D: $595


One of the biggest selling points about this light is it's price point, size, and ability to run on power! Of course it's only daylight, but cheap gels can fix that if needed! It does have a Bowens mount, but a Fresnel Head, Soft box, and Barn Doors are sold separately!  This is about as equivalent to a 800-Watt light, and with a Fresnel about a 1k Tungsten. 

Next Up...

RAYZR7 300 Daylight LED Fresnel: $1,550

This thing is a beast and really excites me because it's versatility. It has the output equivalent to a 1.5k Tungsten bulb. Not only is it powerful but comes with Barn Doors and is a Fresnel. It does have a Softbox and Grid kit optional for purchase. Although it's 3 Times more expensive it is much brighter, has the little more accessories, BUT doesn't have a native V-Lock Battery mount.


Digital Sputnik DS1: $2,500


WOW, expensive right? BUT it has some major tricks up it's sleeve (only reason why it's even worth it compared to these prices) The Digital Sputnik is a powerful light, around a 900-1k-Watt Light, BUT it's trick is its Variable Color Temperature (1,500k-10,000k) AS WELL as Full RGB color control via Smartphone...meaning you can dial in ANY color you want, and it's wireless. This doesn't seem huge, but especially when it comes to Music Videos where I'm always wanting or needed to try and use Gels, or even just the ability to change color temperature without much output!

So which one? Well, of course it's tough, because none are really "Cheap" yet, none are really that expensive! I'm thinking I may end up going the the RAYZR for it's pure power, Fresnel, and Barn Doors Included. Plus I could buy a kit of Gels for maybe $750$150 which can't make up the difference of $1k to the Sputnik.  

So hopefully I'll end up getting the RAYZR7 Soon and will let you guys know how I like it! If you have any suggestions let me know below!