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Behind the Scenes: RAW Fitness and Why Being Fit Is Important!

To Learn about RAW Fitness, be sure to Visit their WEBSITE!

Why is Getting Fit Important?

I think this is a great way to start off this blog. Before we jump into the Behind the Scenes, which were pretty basic, I wanted to quickly talk about why getting fit is so important. I think our health affects everything from our daily work and accomplishments, all the way to our obvious well being. When we are healthy we feel better, look better. We usually have a higher chance of getting out their and doing great things, and be more productive in our daily lives!

That's why one of the reasons I love seeing Gym's like RAW Fitness in Saratoga Springs! Not only does everyone there seem to have a great attitude, but they seem to understand that fitness isn't just hitting the Gym as hard as you can, but it's more about feeling better and looking better! 
SO! Lets jump into that Behind the Scenes!


This was a VERY basic shoot, with really just a hope to capture the feeling and presence of the fancy shots, just RAW ;) (see what I did there) So this entire shoot was done in about 2 hours with setup and actually filming the class itself.
During the class there was no way I was going to be able to shut off the overhead lights, so knew I was going to be battling with some Green color shifting from the Fluorescent tubes. Mainly I shot Handheld, and Some on my Neewer Slider (you can get HERE)
I shot the entire video using my Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera (Get it HERE) and My 12mm Rokinon Cinema Lens (Link) and 35mm Rokinon Cinema Lens (Link)
For the Interview shots I used my new Quasar Science 2' 300k Light, which helped balance those nasty Florescent lights, and gave me some much better skin tones!
I edited the entire project in Adobe Premiere Pro, using Sound Stripe for music. and also using LUTs from LUTIFY.ME (which are awesome by the way)
SO overall a pretty basic shoot! Please if you enjoyed this, share it, and also, by using the Affiliate links provided you can help me keep doing these blogs as well as keep my YouTube channel running!