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Why your Business needs Video! (trust me)

I say that your Business or Company needs Video....but what does VIDEO actually mean? What am I talking about?

Let me explain!

What is VIDEO?

Although you probably already know what Video is, because you most likely watch it every single day, it's not as easy to associate watching videos, with actually having your own (exciting right!?)

We watch videos very single day, and even though we don't know it, it affects our emotions towards a company or product. From high end Nike Commercials to those Tasty cooking recipes we see on Buzzfeed, we constantly find ourselves watching and making connections with brand's or products, even though we don't know it! Something tells me that if you watched that Buzzfeed of that amazing A1 Chicken probably consciously want that chicken (who wouldn't) but subconsciously know you need A1. 

I guarantee this has happened to you just yesterday. You may not have recognized it, but your brain did! This isn't saying that everything you see has subliminal messages to buy things, but what it is really about is BRAND RECOGNITION! This is where Video can start to have a HUGE impact on your business. Brand Recognition is what, we as consumers use in order to justify purchases (generally based on emotion) 

All of these videos we see on a daily basis are what fuel us to purchase items or services based on what we remember, (Brand Recognition) and what emotion we felt while watching the commercial, social media video, etc.

So to answer What is VIDEO? it's simply anything. Promotional Videos, About Us Videos, Commercials, Social Media Videos, and Live Videos. All of it! 

Campagna Restaurant Commercial



You might be sitting here listening thinking I'm pulling your leg...but let's check the stats. Hubspot has an awesome article all about the stats, and produced this awesome photo that breaks it down

That's alot! But some of those statistics are mind blowing for YOUR business!

One that stands out is that 80% of people that watch an Ad retain that information for roughly 30 days! Meaning the video ad you use on Facebook, Instagram, Website, etc. Isn't just disapearing, it's actually lasting! 

Demystifying Production

The next big thing that ANYONE is going to say is....

"Ok, I should start using Video for my business...but how? What about production? I don't have the money for that"


I'm kidding, these are legitimate questions to answer, and that is where myself, and other Production Companies come in!

**Shameless Plug** 

Now obviously your reading this on my website, and I hope to do business with any company, but of course these don't just apply to myself, but most production companies!

If you've decided to make a video for your Business, the first task is hiring a Production Company. Now of course, could you get away with maybe a cellphone video here and there? Of course, it's better than no video. But if you're looking to take your company and marketing to the next level, you'll need a production company.

One of the best things about a Production Company, is that we help you come up with concepts that not only WORK, but are BUDGET efficient. Our job is to make it easier on the client (you) and help you bridge the gap between knowing your clients and business model. and the creative ads needed to support and grow those!

Photo by Hope's Inspirations

Photo by Hope's Inspirations

Let's Talk Money

I'm not going to sit here and tell you there is a magic number, because there isn't...but I will explain what to expect!

Most business approach myself (and most likely many others) afraid of price or not understanding how it all works.

Is it really as Expensive as people say?

No. and Yes. I think perspective and expectation are huge in understand the No and Yes of this questions! Most commercials we see on TV are roughly anywhere from $20k to $150k!

Wait don't leave! I promise you that is not every, and not many businesses needs. But on thing to understand is the cost on a production companies end, creating such big budgets.

Most commercials and videos at that level have a crew of 20+ experienced filmmakers, making at least $750 a day. Then you have equipment. Usually using over 1 Million in equipment, generally rented or owned by the production company, costing roughly $5k-$75k depending on the total budget.

But lets talk about most businesses and what they are looking for!

Quality should never be sacrificed. And by that I obviously mean, a business can't expect a $150k looking commercial for $3,500. We as filmmakers always will do our best to squeeze every ounce of quality out of whatever budget we can! Most businesses are in need of something from $1k-$20k depending on scale and what they are looking to do! 

The hardest part is figuring out what your budget is, and figuring out what you need, and where you need to land in between those. Are you looking for a simple Promo video for your company? Is it a series of Small Social Media Product showcases? All of these are going to have different budgets, because of the Look needed to successfully sell your product or service!

So don't worry just yet! Myself and most others, love to meet for free and talk it over and figure out what YOU need and what works best for your company! Our job is to help you grow, not hurt your business!

Phew!! See that wasn't that bad! I hope now that your are much more confident in understanding Video, how it works, what to expect, and know that budget is flexible to meet your needs!

Thank you so much for sticking around and reading, of course if you are looking to make the jump into video, be sure to visit our CONTACT  page, and reach out and we would love to give you a quote!

Thank you again, and get Marketing!

Cameron Gallagher