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Who We Are. What We Do.

Who We Are.


Cameron Gallagher | Founder & Lead

Cameron Gallagher has had a passion for Filmmaking all of his life, but it wasn't until he as 15 years old, he realized the potential it had. He began making short films with friends, and trying to create better and better content, constantly learning the craft of making engaging content.

Fast Forward a few years later, Cameron found himself working with people making YouTube Videos, Music Videos, a Cooking Show, and even some small Commercials. As things grew, he knew it was time to begin doing this professionally, and at 19 started Black Mountain Visuals.

Now, Black Mountain Visuals creates high quality video content for companies of all sizes, working with massive corporation such as Johnson & Johnson, Stonyfield Yogurt, and The New York State FFA, to local business and musicians like Frank Palangi, MyAbishai, Simmons Capital Group, Find Your Moxie, Campagna Restaraunt, and MANY more!

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pain is temporary, film is forever
— Michael J. Fox

What We Do.

It's sometimes confusing when looking into having Creative Content made for your business. So below we break down What We Do!

Step 1. Pre-Production


In this first step, we break down what YOU want as a business to get across to your customers. Do you want to generate sales? Build an Audience? Then we brainstorm on ideas. We will even come up with scripts or storyboards for some of the process!

This is how we ensure your getting EXACTLY what you wanted, and is fun! Brainstorming for ideas is a ton of fun, and sometimes is where the best ideas come from!

Step 2. Production


Ok, it's time for Production. This is actually the process of capturing the Video, Audio, and Photos needed to make your creative vision a reality. Depending on the amount of days needed, we can come in to any and all locations to capture all of the amazing footage needed to make sure your video is High Quality. Speaking of High Quality...

Here at Black Mountain Visuals we offer a massive range of equipment that we work on depending on time & budgets, from our Panasonic GH5 4K Camera, that is capable of Slow Motion and amazing shots, all the way up to 6K RED Dragons (and even now 8K) that were used to film The Hobbit and many other Feature Films! We have audio covered too! From Broadcast quality Microphones, to Recorders and Mixers, we have everything to be sure we capture every sound element we can!

We even offer 4K Drone Footage! So if it's Real Estate,  Showing off an Amazing Location, or just for Looks...we have it all!

Step 3. Post-Production


Now that we have captured all of your amazing content, it's time to piece it all together. Some say this is even where the true magic happens! We pride ourselves on working with all of our clients, and the needed teams, to be sure your edit is PERFECT for your business, and whatever needs have to be met!

We have a full Post-Production Editing Suite running Davinci Resolve 15 Studio, and can work with all of our editors wherever! Not only do we edit, but we do all Visual Effects, Motion Graphics, Sound Design, Sound Mixing, and Color Grading IN HOUSE, to ensure your Videos LOOK and SOUND perfect!

We also offer thousands of Music Tracks to be licensed, included in your original budget, but the best part is, if we can't find the music you want, we can make it. We work with incredible Musicians all over the world, and have access to ANY sound library needed to be sure the Music of your project feels right!



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