What exactly is it we do?

Here at Black Mountain Visuals, we offer a variety of Video Production Services from Production Planning, all the way to the final edit! We are a full service, in house company, helping you bring your ideas to life!

Video Services

  • High-End Commercials
  • Branded(Web Based) Videos 
  • Promotional Videos
  • Social Media Marketing Videos/Video Series
  • Music Videos
  • Real Estate Videos


How does it work?

Every different job works a little bit differently, but generally you or your company reach out to us with a plan for a Commercial, or Social Media Marketing Campaign, and we basically handle the rest! We help plan and execute your vision, ensuring the highest quality product.
If you're an artist looking for a Music Video, we sit down wit you and plan what you're looking for in your next video, and how you want it to help your band grow! 
Real Estate Agent? Show us the listings you need done, and we will come in and make sure the place is looking PERFECT to get that BIG sale!

After all of it, we work with YOU to make sure the Edit is exactly what you're looking for, and ready for wherever you need it to go!

To learn more, and get a quote, visit our CONTACT PAGE